Internet Marketing for tire shops by Jade

I have been working as an Internet Marketer for a tire shop. The results have been very good this month, September 2013. My marketing project started in mid-2012. Three shops are hiring me to take care of the number of visitors to their websites.

I can generate around 90,000 page views for the website in 8 months without spending a budget on advertising.

Spending a budget of 100 THB per day on advertising results in 100-300 page views at around 0.33-1 THB per click. How do I know this? Because I’m doing it on another website that also sells tires.

Let me tell you, the website has 900-1,000 visitors coming to it every day, and yes, it’s coming without advertising. So, what about yours? That means this website has a value equal to the advertising budget of 900 THB-1,000 THB per day or 300 THB and up per day depending on the source of advertising. Some sources of advertising cost 1.5-3 THB per click, which means you can calculate the value of the website by multiplying the unique visitors by 1.5-3 THB.

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